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"I want and can more" (Alinea - Bistrić, 1995, 2002)

This book  written for parents to help them raised gifted preschool children from 3 - 8 years is based on authors experience in conducting and creating the program for gifted preschoolers.

"He is gifted, what should I do with him?" (Alinea - Bistrić, 1998, 2008)

This book is written for teachers and based  on authors experience in teacher trainings and workshops in the field of gifted education and leading the Bistrić playgroups & workshops for gifted children.

"He is gifted, what should I do with myself?" (Alinea - Bistrić, 2002, 2010)

Third and most comprehensive handbook for family, preschool and school deals with many practical questions on scientific way and offers practically applied answers to educationalists and parents.

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